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BUDMC has delivered crisis and disaster management training programmes to governments, ministries, international businesses and staff colleges. Our assistance typically begins with a training needs analysis so we can ensure content is built to meet the needs of our clients. 

Our team are experts in delivering crisis communication seminars, major incident management training and situational awareness concepts and systems. All training can be delivered in person or remotely.  

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BUDMC provide a wide selection of one week training courses covering a range of Disaster Management themes. From Natural Hazards through to Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response and Business Resilience.

We can adapt our courses to meet the specific needs of your organisation and sector. Courses can be delivered at a location of your choice. 


BUDMC designs, develops and deploys crisis management exercises that test the ability of individuals and teams to work together across multiple agencies. Our exercises are designed so that participants can learn how different teams, departments and organisations operate and what specific operational needs and constraints might be. Exercises can test and develop a teams collaboration, understanding of policies or plans and wider stakeholder engagement.

We will work with your organisation to assist in the design, development and delivery of exercises to meet your needs. BUDMC can deliver exercises in person or remotely.

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Utilising extensive contacts at the highest levels within the UK Emergency Services, Resilience and Disaster Management communities we offer a unique briefing package meeting the specific needs of our client.

BUDMC arranges Executive Briefings for

• Government Ministers

• Heads of Disaster Management Agencies

• Senior Officers

• Executives from Industry

Each Executive Briefing is unique and tailored to the needs of the individual or organisation requesting our services.


Bespoke training, short courses, exercising and executive briefings. BUDMC delivers a range of services to assist your country or organisation in crisis and disaster preparedness, response and recovery. 

To find out more please contact Centre Director Richard Gordon or Centre Manager Lauren Jarrad

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