• Lauren Jarrad

Larry Hollingworth awarded Honorary Doctorate

Long-term BUDMC associate Larry Hollingworth was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Bournemouth University for his services to Humanitarian Aid and Education at the 2019 graduation ceremony.

Head of Office for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Larry has worked closely with BU’s Disaster Management Centre. Larry made his start in the British Army which led to a career working with victims of disasters and refugee camps. On receiving his honorary doctorate, Larry said: “I have been on the periphery of academic work for the best part of 25 years. I was more thrilled because it was Bournemouth.”

“I live locally, and I’ve been a great fan and devotee of this university. Also I work with Richard Gordon, who is the director of the Disaster Management Centre, and it’s a superb centre. I’ve worked most of my life in disasters, and he has the teaching of it and captures it magnificently.”

The entire team of staff and students at BUDMC would like to congratulate Larry and thank him for his tireless support of the Centre and its programmes.

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