• Lauren Jarrad

BUDMC team delivers workshops in Freetown, Sierra Leone

This week Professor Lee Miles was joined by Jamie Martin and MSc Disaster Management student Joy Carew to virtually deliver a number of Disaster Management workshops in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Hosted by the Office of the Deputy Mayor and attended by representatives from Freetown City Council, Ward Councillors and CDMC the workshops took place in three locations across the city.

The focus of the workshop combined familiarization and utilization with the Facilitators Guide (produced by BUDMC in 2020) with core disaster management principles such as understanding roles and responsibilities during a crisis or disaster and also included sessions from the Red Cross looking at first aid and the National Fire Force on fire prevention.

The workshops and wider work by BUDMC in Sierra Leone have all been part of the GCRF funded AfriCab project, you can read more about BUDMC research in Africa here.

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