• Lauren Jarrad

Thirty Years After The Lake Nyos Disaster

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Dr Henry Bang; Research Fellow at BUDMC has had his first book published; 30 Years After the Lake Nyos Disaster: What prospects for rehabilitation and reintegration in the region?

Based on empirical research about the Lake Nyos Disaster, within the book Dr Bang examines contemporary challenges surrounding natural hazards and disasters, vulnerability, resettlement, risk perception and relocation decisions in Cameroon.

Leading on from this publication Dr Bang is now conducting further research into Building Resilience in West Africa, alongside Professor Lee Miles. With a particular focus on Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria this work aims to integrate resistance factors into Disaster Management and Risk Assessments across the region. Dr Bang’s book 30 Years After the Lake Nyos Disaster, is now available online from Amazon.

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